Thursday, March 24, 2016

Rest Well Phife

“‘Tip & Sha AllADat Phife Dawg Ditto’ — Malik Taylor”

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time Keeps On Slippin'

Greetings people!!!

Well it's been a year!!! I've had some ups, some downs and said a whole lot of prayers. I'm still looking for the perfect beat (trying to create it)! I've been documenting my life on Twitter and that other "Social Network" (see the movie) so I haven't been here. I just saw my Good Friend DJ Kool Emdee's Record Realm blog (A real dope site)and started feeling guilty (Damn You Dude). So I won't promise to constantly update but I will frequent more often!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What's Happnin' Brutha?!?!?!?!

Life can get all up in your ass...
Anyway here's a pictoral of what I've been up to.
More music will come soon.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Its Your Birthday!!!

I've posted a lot about Michael Jackson I know,but hell the man was an incredible talent & his passing is a loss for us all. So we can celebrate his life with this "Docu-Mix". Pass this link around.

BTW... I did not forget about Hurricane Katrina (more on that later)

Direct Link:

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Good To Your Earhole

I'm A DJ, not a Mainstream DJ, Not a Backpack DJ, or_______ DJ.  I AM A DJ!!!  With that said, there's a lot of music I like but rarely get to play in a live setting.  The following is a live set I recorded at The Libra Lounge in Houston, Tx on 7/25/09.  for an hour straight it was all about my likes.  This is for lovers of Beats, Rhymes, and Sangaz (Singers for my refined people)!!!! Most of these songs are Album cuts, and are some of my favorites.  
Use Your Headphones at work, Not responsible for lost jobs!!!

Tracklisting for Mix

Me & My Baby & My Cadillac-Sleepy Brown

How We Ride-Mannie Fresh ft. David Banner & Bun B.


Call Me- Slum Village ft. Dwele

Who Wanna -Lil Wayne

Extracurricular - Raj Smoove ft. Cutlass

Pass The Blunt-Missy Elliott

Something To Behold-Foreign Exchange

Fight/Love Q-Tip ft. Kanye West & Raphael Saadiq

Foolin’ Around Rhymefest ft. Dres

Never Give You Up- Raphael Saadiq ft CJ Hilton & Stevie Wonder

Sucker MCs Run DMC

T.O.N.Y.(Blaknif’s May 9th Remix) Solange ft. Ghostface

Something About You-Zo & Tigallo

Elevator Musik Curen$y

Wordplay-Wale’ ft Curen$y

Hot Shit -Wale’ ft. Peedi Crack & Black Thought

The Burning Bush-88Keys ft. Redman

I Can’t Help It (Blaknificent Misses Home Mix) Michael Jackson

More Michael, More Problems

In recent memory (yours, mines or your parents,) no other person has captured the world's attention in their untimely demise like Michael Jackson.  it has been over a month and he is still generating headlines.  I'm a huge MJ fan, I've always stood my ground on that.  I always defended him (except with the "Blood On The Dance Floor thing. Didn't like it at all but I digress.) Anyway, I will still say he IS the greatest entertainer to do it.  I did not say artist, musician, dancer etc... I said entertainer.  Michael was a Jack(son){I crack me up sometimes} of all trades. and will be missed.  

here's a track I did July 5, 1996.  I remember this b/c I was really going through something at the time, and the song I sampled "We're Almost There' has always been therapeutic for me.  This track since its creation has done the same.  Enjoy, and give criticism


Sometimes life takes a hold of you and some things go neglected.  I was suppose to stay up on this blog and I didn't, for that I am sorry.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Greetings All,

My Name is Blaknificent. I'm A Producer, DJ, sometimes Rapper, and all around Pain in the Ass!!! Most of all I am a Music Lover. Through this blog I will share some of My knowledge and test the strength of my soapbox (I'm very opinionated people). I invite all of you to take this journey with me.