Saturday, August 1, 2009

More Michael, More Problems

In recent memory (yours, mines or your parents,) no other person has captured the world's attention in their untimely demise like Michael Jackson.  it has been over a month and he is still generating headlines.  I'm a huge MJ fan, I've always stood my ground on that.  I always defended him (except with the "Blood On The Dance Floor thing. Didn't like it at all but I digress.) Anyway, I will still say he IS the greatest entertainer to do it.  I did not say artist, musician, dancer etc... I said entertainer.  Michael was a Jack(son){I crack me up sometimes} of all trades. and will be missed.  

here's a track I did July 5, 1996.  I remember this b/c I was really going through something at the time, and the song I sampled "We're Almost There' has always been therapeutic for me.  This track since its creation has done the same.  Enjoy, and give criticism

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